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Including a modern interpretation of
"The Gospel According to Thomas"

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"There is a vast unplumbed innerworld that we may Find, that we may Reach... haply, haltingly, yet gracefully that, when visited, exults our being, in shared Auras ..  yet our sensibilities are dismayed as well. 

The vibrational Permeation that deeply penetrates us..
in this 'elevated depth'  purifies old self-images of their coherence .. their cohesion.
Our Identity herein becomes Pure Unfettered Simplicity ...
of being.”

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Splendorous Light Within

Have you ever wondered about the beginnings of spirituality on the planet Earth .. before religion? 

The quotation to the right above, is from the first page of this splendid book!

The message in that quotation is an indicator and 
promise of what is coming in the book. There are answers there, you will not find anywhere else.
The very center of our being, which is a part and Portion of Divine Life and Being, is revealed herein; and the path to it, is shown in greatest simplicity. This is very probably what you’ve been waiting for. 

We see here the ancient spiritual tradition that Christ exemplified and taught. Without Christ and the Essenes carrying forth the spiritual tradition from the ancient supernal guidance received so long ago, we wouldn’t have known all of this. This book reveals for you these historic matters, and those detailed spiritual guidances relevant to our highest self-discovery. 

It also shows the newest quantum physics of recent years, all supporting the spiritual foundation which Is and Within our cosmos. Would it surprise us to know that Divinity uses science and cosmic Laws all throughout Mother Nature, to initiate and maintain all matter and energy and "time-space"?  Quantum Science reveals the inner and underneath of the universe. It reveals how things work... well... sort of. The mysteries held within Divine mind are humbling. 

Utilizing both the spiritual awareness of Christ and the newest scientific discoveries we find they agree and enhance our understanding of each other. They each proclaim that Light is the foundation and essence of the universe.

It all comes together in a magical way. This will satisfy and stretch your mind in a deeply thrilling newness, and it will uplift your heartfull of hope and companionship for the Divine One of the cosmos-- who emanates all things from and within Divine Consciousness...even you and I... 

This book even disproves that 160 year old atheistic theory of haphazard random dumb-luck Evolution. When people understand that every thing in the cosmos is supposed to have been an 'accident' of happenstance, according to their theory, it becomes amusing. It is so plain now one could even prove it unassailably to their science teacher. It's truly amazing how easy it is, to do. 

Enjoy this book's inspiration from the Original Message and the original spirituality before religion organized it and made it of none effect. Its pure informative quality transforms the mind when reading it, while engaging its wisdom for us.

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Splendorous Light Within 
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INSIDE The Splendorous Light Within
you also receive a Modern Version of

 The Gospel According to Thomas 

Amplified and Interpreted for today's seeker  by author Lachlen French.

"The Gospel According to Thomas is a Modern Version in today's language. This gospel found in Egyptian sand in 1945, gives direct quotes from Christ.. as if he was speaking Directly to You (and it was transcribed by his brother, Thomas). Its discovery amazed the world just decades ago, because it was the first discovery of other biblical literature, in nearly two millennia, not "organized" by the Mithraite overseers in the 4th century.. who had their own agenda.
It has been called the 'Source Text' 
by many scholars for the quotes in the Bible's synoptic gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke.

“When first reading this gospel I was amazed at how similar the quotes are to Christ’s quotations in the Bible, yet also different in subtle poetic beautiful and mysterious ways. Many are incredibly similar, some are new, some are different. All are fascinating. Yet I noticed many passages seemed to be randomly inserted in the text with no meaningful order (as if compiled quickly or thrown together hastily) as if someone made a hasty or uninformed copy. Some of the verses appeared to be in a proper order, while too many others are unrelated in subject matter to the surrounding text or previous verse. Still others, answer a question posed pages earlier. 

One can just imagine how ordinary real-world concerns or troublesome matters might have influenced either the transcribing or collation of the thoughts in the scrolls. It may be that what we found in Egypt's sands is a copy of a once more complete set of scroll-works, in a different order now than when originally created.  I think what we found is just a portion of some thing greater.  It is now re-ordered to give it flowing continuity.

But it is so inspiring and elevating, especially in the modern language of today; we can now truly grasp its purest meaning, for our own self-discovery and our true spirituality.” 


TOP 5 STAR Amazon Reviews:

Oneness...Science, Spirituality, Religionn

April 23, 2017

 "An all encompassing, thorough explanation of how apparently 'opposing' fields of knowledge actually support one another in a new understanding of universal consciousness.

In addition, this book brought me up-to-date on spiritual developments since 1945, when a precious, not fully disclosed to the masses, document find (Nag Hammadi Library in Egypt) would advance the scope of human spiritual evolvement. Until now the importance of this find (the Dead Sea Scrolls and, in particular, The Gospel of Thomas -- written by Christ's brother) had been greatly under-played. As with all treasure, it's true value lies deep within its unexplored meaning. I was amazed and elevated in reading the hidden meanings contained in Christ's words and teachings, interpreted here, which to now have lain dormant, preserved in it's unadulterated purity. Reading this is bliss!


Now This was Something!

April 9, 2017

"Sharing the most ancient history in our 200,000 years of human DNA being on this planet, and the science and spirituality blended, this shares the myriad avenues and directions we went as a species, in order to find our way back again, this was truly satisfying.

I hope you have as much deep satisfaction as I did... very few books do this...and sharing the most famous Gospel of Thomas, in its 21st century translation glory, made me shake my head, in reading truth teachings from the ancient past... do yourself a favor.

~The Sirian