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Reversing 160 years of falsehood - sharing the true spirit of quantum science from Albert Einstein and Max Planck both, this book goes where no one has gone before, - showing not everyone even agreed with Darwin - especially not the most revered and famous science minds of our time...

There's a surprise here in Darwin's evolutionary theory that few realize. Did you know there are two sides on Darwin, even in the scientific world? The most famous and admired scientists over 150 years have criticized the theory in its non-scientific assertions. They share not from emotion or metaphysics but in science as it should be. Darwin's Natural Selection idea is very poor. It's factually porous.

With the scientific analysis of the 21st century we see it's based in mere assumptions. Then we realize it was contrived 100 years before DNA was discovered. DNA changed everything. Anymore, it's not just the differences in atheist or deist views on evolution, it's the world of science itself. It's most recent facts take it apart brick by brick. Darwin's idea has collapsed - not to stand again. It's now irrefutable from Darwin's own Fatal Admission, in his own words we will see it.

Read now what schools don't want you to read. Those professors in evolution class won't be able to answer the questions and challenges from the students because they're coming from science-awareness not mere agendas.

Many in science gave immense consideration to analyzing Darwin's ill-fated postulate. Reading this book we now understand not only the true logic of science's reasoning in dissolving his theory, but we see an underlying agenda that Darwin had in imagining it. Darwin's atheism is well known prior to his theory's arrival; so to have a person with atheistic agendas creating a contrived scenario of Something coming from Nothing is not only self-serving of his views, but means he attempted to make science fit his belief-system.

The scientific panorama here is eloquently shared in true simplicity. Based in Reason, in meaningful truth-seeking, it uplifts human feelings toward the exquisite. Elevating realities in Einstein's quantum-world of light reveal our true-ground of being, liberating us from Darwin's emptiness. Ask your self who would you believe, Darwin or Einstein? The new physics of life in cosmic consciousness herein, even warms our heart in daily living. Absorbing the meta-Physics of true knowing, shining here right now, we Smile in knowing, science and meta-Physics are not mutually exclusive of the other.

Now you can enjoy that longed-for completion, in personal spaces of serene esteem... in this wondrous living universe that we all call home - one that truly inspires us into Awe, if we allow it.


An Elite Exposition On Darwin's Theory in the light of Quantum Science, Physics, Mathematics and Astrophysics 

May 29, 2012:

"I am so pleased with Darwin's Fatal Admission, and to say, that the author has actually come to discuss Darwin's ideas -- not from religion or emotion, but pure science & the cognitive principles of the genuine scientific method. When Einstein, Max Planck, Hubble, Dr. Werner Von Braun, Sir Fred Hoyle, (the man who coined the phrase The Big Bang) Heisenberg and many current, relatively recent, or perhaps now deceased scientists brought forward their eminent purely scientific views & comprehensions from their specific area of science (much against Assertions made by Darwin 160 years ago) it's finally refreshing to see scientists comment on each other's ideas. This book brings all that out.

The examples of scientific veracity from the greatest minds of our generation are found in one book finally. The author even presents the most famous case of the Darwinist - Sir Antony Flew - the most renown Evolutionist of the past 60 years; who was an author on Evolution, speaker, Professor, and by & large Darwin's best proponent over half a century - changed his mind giving up on Atheism and evolution. Flew wrote a book near the end of his Life "There is a God: - How the World's Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind". As Flew stated he could not finally see how the "dead matter of nothingness" could make the jump to life and self-replicating abilities. When he saw the magnificent detail of thousands of interacting systems working in the cell all together harmoniously - as a system of systems - he could no longer see accidents as their progenitor.

This book aptly shows how for 150 years since Abraham Lincoln, a small group of people in white coats have forced evolutionary theory on the educational system in the US and the west in general (calling it a science fact -- as opposed to a theory -- as even Darwin called it).

This book takes in account the various divisions of Science - quantum physics, chemistry, biology, astrophysics, mathematics, Logic, Toroidal Energy exchange, the ubiquitous Phi Constant, Fractals, Prime Numbers, The Fibonacci patterns everywhere, and the very principle of "Everywhere" itself, and also the concept of "Sameness" thrown in, which could never occur, never arise Everywhere in the "accidental cosmos" as Darwinism worships.

And it shows where these advanced thinkers all unite against the simple and contrived story told to all of us over a century and a half ago, and why having an athiest (Darwin) present his atheist views and theory on A-causation (from Nothingness and Accidents) is merely a man using the pedestal of science to promote his personal atheism and depressed agenda.

Darwin's Fatal Admission also reveals very clearly How, Why and and That Darwinist Evolutionary Biologists DO NOT want us to read or know about these other sciences. It even shows why they stay away from Math. They do not come close to the quanta of Energy everywhere - and will not and cannot answer why The Particles of quantum science are communicating with each other. This fact has been known by quantum physicists a very long time. Bell's Theorem in it's own right blows Darwin's idea to shreds.

The father of Quantum Theory - Max Planck - thought Darwin's theory was a silly amusement and a fancy for dandies and Einstein had no relations with Darwin's thought, thinking or ideation whatsoever. The entire universe of Light and Timelessness in Einstein's Relativity and Quantum mechanics are not only head and shoulders above Darwin. It's in the stratosphere compared to the mud and mire of Darwin's sandbox.

It finally shows that Darwinism had nothing to do with discovering DNA - in the 1940's to 1960's - and yet it reveals that the knowledge of DNA was so destructive of Natural Selection that Darwinists adopted it immediately and started teaching all about DNA (because that's where the science was). Yet, they do not know how even to define a species.

Pointing to Darwin's little book had no more relevance or reverence at all; it was a mere anecdote now. All they teach now is DNA, and give lip service to an idea called Natural Selection, simply because DNA was supremely complex and so sophisticated from Its Beginning that it thoroughly blows Darwin's idea of Endless Modifications (his very mainstay idea) right out the water (out of reality). Had they stayed there in some 'Accidental-Random "Force" called Natural Selection' they would have been laughed right out of the lecture hall that they once dominated.

We can finally move on from postulated assertions, assumptions and contrivances from the 18th and 19th centuries. Electron Microscopes reveal so much truth - the Views in the Center of every Cell's interior, are the most sublime and miraculous visions maybe ever seen. Darwin thought the cell was filled with a sort of jelly. It's more like a little city. His ideas are SO primitive. How did they get anyone to believe this? "Something springing from Nothing"... how childish.

If I were to tell anyone anywhere to read a book covering the entire topic (it would be this book) - but I would have them endeavor writing an essay on the meanings in each chapter there; it is so beautiful and complete. We can finally move on from Darwinism ... this book truly does that!

~ Anonymous


Brilliant, Joyful and Enlightening

May 3, 2014

"I have read this book, Darwin’s Fatal Admission. It is really a wonderful book. If you have ever felt that there are million missing pieces in Darwin’s theory of evolution, you see why you felt that way after reading this book; because you were right. Here we find the brilliant facts on how Darwin’s theory did not take into consideration any of the quantum sciences and mysterious “spirit’ or ‘light of information’ that stands hidden but obvious behind all things. Matter simply cannot produce Consciousness. One has to look deeper than the the flawed objective precepts about Life and this book takes us to that place facts and data based on the wonderful and exciting new sciences. An example from the book Famed scientist Max Plank said in this Nobel prize winning speech. “We must assume, behind this force, the existence of a conscious and Intelligent Mind. The Mind--is the Matrix of all matter” -- Clearly, some kind of prior Intelligence must come before matter and form. Every page in this book explains in very impressive and enlightening detail how not only our basic objective sciences, but the deeper quantum sciences themselves disprove Darwin’s theory. I recommend this book. I found it to be very enlightening, entertaining, profound, joyful, powerful and happily Self-affirming.

~ Sandy Jones