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About the Author 

Lachlen French received higher degrees in commun-ication, science, theology, psychology while attending Ambassador College. Entering the Communications Fine Arts Master’s Program at USC, he also taught Communication Theory and Speech on the college level. He was a college champion in racquetball, and played quarterback in football.

His written credits over 20 years include: 

Darwin's Fatal Admission, 
God Einstein Existence Cosmos Life Love You,
Christ's Mystic Secret Returns,
Splendorous Light Within,
The God Experience - The Secret of the Ages,  

The Gospel According to Thomas,
a 9 year re-translation in modern words of the ancient scroll of Thomas, newly discovered in 1945 - after near 2000 years hidden in Egypt's sand.

Becoming truly immersed in the Essene Library, discovered in Isreal at the Dead Sea in 1947, his life-mind-heart were changed in a transformed awareness of inner disciplines. He's also written 4 epic science-fiction screenplays: Aquarian Effect & Mystic Traveler I-III. Blending real science with metaphysics in these story-telling venues is a winning combination of themes.

Over 35 years in the passionate absorption of quantum physics (the science uniting Physics with meta-physics, mathematics with consciousness) we see this science provides an insightful vision regarding the mystery of cosmic-energy comprising all things in the infinitude--even our lifeforce consciousness.

Correlating the science of quanta - those packets of ever-present light-energy operating as everything in our universe - in our bodies and consciousness too - we can see why reality and consciousness meld at the deepest levels of the cosmos. This is a truth quantum physicists have discovered and accepted ever haltingly over an entire century.

Utilizing this awareness we comprehend why using the disciplines for re-identifying self-awareness out of and away from the ego-body are so effective. Implem-enting these methods for mind-renewal and re-identification in depth consciousness and ancient experiential energy disciplines. we realize the truth in us (the knowledge of Identity in consciousness and breath) not this dense fleshly form we call self. These practices have been almost totally forgotten, by nearly everyone.

Using these disciplines, it's obvious by remaining in the ordinary personality reference of our daily persona, we cannot know the unplumbed depths of spiritual identity or experience. By remaining in the ego per-sonality, that's what we know thoroughly. So those commenting negatively or faithlessly on inner endea-vors, but not leaving the personality matrix them-selves, have no knowledge with which to comment.  


The famed author, poet, speaker, mystic teacher William Samuel was his mentor and his relative.

Their foundation, and Enthios Entertainment LLC were founded for these new uplifting purposes. They bring healing educational and service-endeavors to elevate daily living.  

Earlier he was the public speaking voice of the loved Barksdale Self-Esteem Foundation in southern California delivering seminars there, on living and growing true self-esteem. He started three sizable firms in service industries over the years. He was also involved with one of his businesses going Public.

Today he's an enthusiastic writer-teacher, public speaker in metaphysical, scientific, and spiritual awareness. His activities also include the realm of filmmaking. His belov'ed and his adult talented children fill up his heart.

Lachlen French


Darwin's Fatal

Light Within

New Translation
'Gospel According
 to Thomas'

'Christ's Mystic Secret Returns'

God, Einstein, Existence, Cosmos, Life, Love, You

The God Experience--Secret of the Ages

Public Speaker

Synergy Services 

Enthios Entertainment  LLC


Mystic Traveler 1-3

The Aquarian Effect

Solarus Rising