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The Gospel According to Thomas

Christ's  Recorded Sayings of Mastery

This gospel found in Egyptian sand in 1945, gives direct quotes from Christ.. as if he is speaking Directly to You and it was transcribed by his brother Thomas.

Its discovery amazed the world just decades ago, because it was the first discovery of other biblical literature, in nearly two millennia.

Read what hardly anyone wants you to read...

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The Gospel According to THOMAS
Here is a Modern Version of
The Gospel According to Thomas
Amplified and Interpreted for today's seeker by author Lachlen French.

This form of "The Gospel According to Thomas" is an Interpretive version in today's language. Thomas's gospel was found in Egypt in 1945, by Bedouins and gives direct quotes from Christ.. to each of us, and reportedly transcribed by his brother Thomas. Its discovery amazed the world because it was the first discovery of other biblical literature in millennia - not "organized" by the Mithraite overseers in the 4th century - who had their own agenda.
It has been called the 'Source Text' by many scholars, for the quotes in the Bible's synoptic gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke.

“When first reading this gospel, I was amazed at how similar the quotes are to Christ’s quotations in the Bible, yet also different in subtle poetic beautiful and mysterious ways. Many are incredibly similar, some are new, some are different. All are fascinating. Yet I noticed many passages seemed to be randomly inserted in the text with no meaningful order (as if compiled quickly or thrown together hastily) as if someone made a hasty or uninformed copy. Some of the verses appeared to be in a proper order, while too many others are unrelated in subject matter to the surrounding text or previous verse. Still others, answer a question posed pages earlier.

One can just imagine how ordinary real-world concerns or troubling matters might have influenced either the transcribing or collation of the thoughts in the scrolls. It may be that what we found in Egypt's sands is a copy of a once more complete set of scroll-works, in a different order now than when originally created.  The Bedouin who found it said some scrolls were burned for kindling. I think what we found is just a portion of some thing greater. 

So, it is now re-ordered to give it flowing continuity. Topical subject matter, tone, function, and spiritual purpose are now united into portions where their location and spacing finally makes literary and spiritual sense.

It is so inspiring and elevating, especially in the modern language of today; we can now truly grasp its purest meaning, for our own self-discovery and our true spirituality.” 


TOP 5 STAR Amazon Customer Reviews:

A Gnostic Masterpiece

"This book is in all likelihood the most important work on the true message of the prophet Yeshua ever written. Its truth resonates from deep within sacred space, from gnosis. The care given in the translation of the ancient text, in giving it modern voice, is testament to the immense impact the restoration of this message brings to the world at this time. This work is Divinely inspired, and is a must for anyone who follows the teachings of Yeshua (aka Jesus).

~Thomas Olson

October 22, 2017

Revelation and Truth

"I really love this book The Gospel According to Thomas. I have read other author's on this same subject, but this one is very special, as Lachlen French has taken the words and history to a truly transcendent level of understanding. Mr. French has a gift for seeing the Light of Truth behind the words, for seeing the metaphysical and subjective meanings of the words that Jesus spoke.

This book is truly brilliant. Here we find a way to really understand the subjective, no-dual vision that was taught by Jesus. The secret teachings that were 'left out' of the Bible upon translation those many years later. You will come away from this book truly enlightened at a very deep level. This is an important book. I would consider it an essential for anyone wanting to understand non-duality and metaphysics and how Christianity dropped the real meaning all together. It is a heart felt revelation to see how the subjective metaphysics of today fit in perfectly as with the true meaning of Christ's teachings over 2000 years ago. This is more than history, this is a guide back to Understanding, Self-discovery and Peace."

~ Sandy Jones,
May 14, 2016


The Truth

"Everything I have come to believe about God and the nature of reality is in this book. As I read and highlighted, everything resonated with me as True. Additionally, it was clearly expressed."

~ P. Cunningham
August 29, 2017


"This book brought me up-to-date on spiritual developments since 1945, when a document find (called the `Nag Hammadi Library') was discovered. Until now the importance of it was greatly underplayed. Laying dormant, preserved in unadulterated purity for centuries, this treasure's true value lies deep within its unexplored meaning. I was amazed and elevated in reading the hidden meanings contained in Christ's words and teachings interpreted here by Lachlen French. His interpretation is bliss! No wonder it's been #1 on Amazon!"

~ TruthSeeker777
April 23, 2014

Uplifting, Deeply Informative
and Emotional Presence

"Mr. French is a superlative researcher and writer. Beyond earlier attempts to present the writings of Thomas, the author has not only presented the pieces and fragments in correct orderly fashion, but manages to bring to the teachings both a spiritual and emotional dimension. Not only a superb piece of scholarly work but a truly inspirational rendering that far exceeds the dry but scholarly works that preceded it."

~ Michael Lanier
May 10, 2014

Very interesting.

"Every Christian needs to read this. I always felt like something was missing. Jesus said greater works than these shall ye do. Yet churches and Christians seem to lack something. It's time to learn truth, and drop the man made doctrines designed to control and seperate people. This was what Jesus was teaching and doing when He cleared out the money changers. We've been lied to folks!"

~ Scan
April 19, 2013

A book to live by!

"So enjoyed the realness of this book. It helped me so much to understand the gospels. It is for someone who is an avid reader of the bible because they would truly enjoy it."

~ mania
June 2, 2014

Five Stars!

"Great insights to gleen here."

~ Sundisc
December 21, 2016

"For scholars of Thomas, this is the definitive work on this subject. Amust read, for those who want to be uplifted!"

~ DJ Ziegler

"This book is such a readable easy to understand link to the beautiful divine meaning hidden behind the words of this ancient text. Hidden from view, like the papyrus that was discovered at Nag Hammadi in 1945, the esoteric meaning of the Gospel of Thomas is now wonderfully revealed by this author’s seemingly undiluted connection to spirit. Words that will connect you to the message and personal learning that Jesus taught so long ago. It’s perfect as a book group study. Highly recommended! " 

~ Cayce Chalk

"I So enjoyed the realness of this book. It helped me so much to understand of the Bible. They’ll truly enjoy it. This is a book to live by."the gospels; it’s especially for those who are avid readers 

~ Anonymous,

Spirit = Breathe

"The breathe exercises are worth the purchase."

~ Alan Drobnak
May 16, 2015