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This Interview with Lachlen French, authoring Breath of Light was recently recorded for the world wide web. It was done by Laura Powers, founder of --a healing site sharing sources of natural healing. I hope you enjoy the interview...

Click here to hear the interview...

Laura Powers

Founder and President of


Wow! What a book. This is such an excellent read. It’s a book with so many thought-provoking insights that you want to read a chapter, and then take time to reflect on the content. I love a book that stimulates spiritual thought and contemplation, but at the same time provokes your internal compass to chart a course back to Existence itself. That content is brought forward in a very straight-forward non-combative approach to Life’s biggest questions regarding Life, Death and the Beliefs surrounding it all. “I knew I’d find this book.”

           ~ John Chalk - Former Chief Executive

“A joy and delight to read! The gift of seeing Life from the whole picture is evident here. This view of life is from high transcendence. It’s beyond our time-space limits, and human indoctrination.This book is liberating, stimulating. It explores metaphysics, Reality, God and transcendent states of consciousness; with a bright loving, down-to-earth, even humorous, attitude. This is a path of self discovery. What was Hidden.. is now in the open... I am delighted and thrilled to have this book in my hands. The book is remarkable. I encourage you to read it. It changes everything; as the deeper message, embedded in the words of Jesus, was purposely covered up and hidden from us--until now. Thank you!"        

 ~ Sandy Jones, Author “Barefoot at Heart,” CA Bookseller

“Go on this journey and find answers to your real questions, which til now have been unattended.  Focus on a new world.  Get ready to see old words and ideas in such new light; and thus breathe in a new way of being.”      ~ Christofer Ulmont, Research-Blogger-Poet

“Lachlen, a little voice told me last night to search the word Essene on Google and then to skip several pages, and led me to your site. I couldn’t stop reading your free e-book. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you being there for me; putting it all together, proving this was the message of our Jesus. I must say, though I have rarely (if ever) come across a writer who can put so much meaningful information into such packages. You’ve done a tremendous job! It changed my life for sure. Thank You so much!”        ~ Kim

“With a background in Theological Studies, a life of strict church attendance and thorough traditional “Christian” indoctrination, I considered myself a religious person. At one point I began to want more. Upon reading this book, new deeper introspective revelations challenged many of my long-held beliefs and practices. I finished the book, put it down and asked myself, “Dear God, what if he’s right?”  I was elevated to a state of consciousness which can only be described as complete freedom. Upon being free, I was transformed ... realizing a true God Experience, just when I needed it! Lachlen’s books have had this transformative effect upon my life – expanding knowledge and awareness to elevated states of reverie and joy. His books have, indeed, changed everything!”?  

                  – Glenda Rankin, Designer/Illustrator 

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