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Because of stunning archaeological revelations in just recently discovered ‘codices and scrolls’ we’ve realized something pivotal. As passed down through millennia, a world-transforming story was, in fact, incomplete and flawed in its delivery. The most crucial ‘Word’ in scripture was never translated to English. Really?  YES. To this day it remains a ‘foreign’ word. Bringing that key word into English changes the whole meaning and full implication of scripture. That one foreign word fully ‘alters’ Yeshua’s real message. However, when it is properly translated into English, an exhilarating life-transforming message is there for everyone of us. What if the greatest story ever told, was in fact modified? Has humanity digested a poorly informed recitation of Christ’s past, and his true message? Unfortunately,
it has.

     Now you’ll SEE what has been kept from you, and all of us, until now.  You’ll find perhaps your heart’s true desire in the pages of this book, because it has the ancient original message of Yeshua (Jesus) which heals and refines life today. We now have the full story, interwoven with the most advanced science of quantum physics (known as the science of God); as it reveals the nature of mind, spirit and energy.

    Welcome to the actual...

            original message of Christ!



Secret of the Ages

The Original message is back 
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Here is Christ's unparalleled offering of power and wholeness.

Enjoy 112 pages beautifully 
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This Free Download will share Christ's spiritual teaching given to disciples in private, which until HIS mission began was 'reserved' Only for the Elite, Royalty, the Privileged or for Priests. Now YOU have it here. 
Now... YOU are the ELITE!




What people are saying about the FREE E-book:

“ Lachlen, a little voice told me last night to search the word Essene on Google and then to skip several pages, and led me to your site. I couldn’t stop reading your free e-book. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you being there for me; putting it all together, proving this was the message of our Jesus. I must say, though I have rarely (if ever) come across a writer who can put so much meaningful information into such packages. You’ve done a tremendous job! It changed my life for sure. Thank you so much!”         

~ Kim

"Thank you for the PDF! After reading only 20 pages, I was so taken by it that I immediately ordered more material (through Book depository, UK) A friend of mine also liked the PDF and ordered a copy for herself too! 

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