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What People are Saying...

This Changes Everything...

What was Hidden.. is now in the open...

I am delighted and thrilled to have this book in my hands. The book is remarkable. I encourage you to read it. It changes everything.

This book opens the mind and heart so that one can make his own determination of just what God is, and how each one of us, is very capable of achieving and living, a real and experiential relationship with God, more than that, it shows, that it's our destiny.

The book is truly enlightening. You will find here an honest history of the how the Bible came to be, and why the deeper more metaphysical message, embedded in the words of Jesus, was purposely covered up and hidden from us--until now.

Lachlen French is a brilliant writer. He has coalesced quantum science with spiritual insight and historic fact, to bring forth a book that breaks through the old paradigms and leads us to a New View, a Higher View of  who we are -- why and how we are all here.

If you are interested in the latest premise and promise of our inherent Oneness with God, that God is the source of consciousness Itself, and that God is not separate or apart from who we are, then you will find here in the pages of this book, a history of confirming facts and unknown principles, related even to quantum science, to support these kinds of transcendent ideas.

Lachlen French was a friend and student of one of my favorite writers on the subject of Reality, metaphysics and enlightenment-William Samuel. Lachlen expounds with much enthusiasm and intelligent research on many of the insights William Samuel shared with all of us.

One of the most marvelous parts of Lachlen's book is where he brilliantly interprets The Gospel According To Thomas -the new gospel of Christ discovered in the sands of Egypt just 65 years ago. This new presentation of `Thomas' finally makes sense, in light of today's growing understanding of quantum science. The topic of cosmic universal Light is found in the Bible as well as Thomas, making quantum revelations 20 centuries prior to Albert Einstein being born. Lachlen shows us how the parables that Jesus spoke can be fully understood, and do relate to our own spiritual and quantum journey of awakening, right here and now in our personal lives.

That Lachlen would one day write this book and interpret these ancient texts was predicted by a Taoist monk in the hills of China during WWII before Lachlen was born-- a profound fact--making this book even more intriguing and meaningful to the current generation.

Thank you Lachlen Paul French for this inspired book, and for your dedication to the Truth and the Light that allowed the book, to reach our hands.

Sandy Jones---

Lachlen, I downloaded your free ebook last night and couldnt stop reading it! It was enjoyable and thought provoking! Last night a little voice told me to search the word Essene on Google and to skip several pages and led me to your web page. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you being there for me.
Your information is valuable to my life, 5 years ago I had a spontaneous energy release and have had many visions since that time during meditation.
God seems to be waiting until we are ready and will come running! I always thought when I meditated and I fell into a void of spirit, I was being breathed.
But come to think of it, it has been the times I have focused there that I have fallen into the deepest meditations and received experiences. I only know it is truely amazing. These visions are an entirely different quality - reverberate through my entire being when happening. I definitely see a difference.

I was looking for a new meditation CD or some- thing, but after reading your book I realized once again that I only need my breath; how beautiful is that? It was very helpful to read your references to this and to read about seeing truth - as a direct result of this baptism. It's odd, I can go a long time in a state of forgetfulness away from spiritual work, and I can still see truths all around me. It's a very longlasting divine gift!
Before, I stumbled upon the Aramaic translations of the Beatitudes & Lords Prayer- Neil Douglas Klotz wrote it - it was amazing. It changed my life for sure. Your work goes much deeper than that, mentioning references in the Old Testament, putting it all together proving This was THE message of our Messiah. I dont think Klotz is aware of Jesus' Essene connection. But since I have been studying spiritual topics, it became clear to me that he was Essene, as was John the Baptist. I frankly dont see how others can't (see it).
I'm going to do my spiritual practice more seriously and continue to let go of that old ego conciousness. I will make it my priority focusing on this. I'll also order Breath of Light - I just cant wait to read it. Most folks around are lost in the seperation of our social conditioning, but it's really nice to know I have some backup material when it's time to share this with my loved ones. I must say though, I have rarely (if ever) come across a writer who can put so much meaningful information into such packages - You have done a tremendous job!

You may use this email if you wish, I would find it an honor!
Thank You So Much!   Kim

Revelation and Truth

"I really love this book The Gospel According to Thomas. I have read other author's on this same subject, but this one is very special, as Lachlen French has taken the words and history to a truly transcendent level of understanding. Mr. French has a gift for seeing the Light of Truth behind the words, for seeing the metaphysical and subjective meanings of the words that Jesus spoke.

This book is truly brilliant. Here we find a way to really understand the subjective, no-dual vision that was taught by Jesus. The secret teachings that were 'left out' of the Bible upon translation those many years later. You will come away from this book truly enlightened at a very deep level. This is an important book. I would consider it an essential for anyone wanting to understand non-duality and metaphysics and how Christianity dropped the real meaning all together. It is a heart felt revelation to see how the subjective metaphysics of today fit in perfectly as with the true meaning of Christ's teachings over 2000 years ago. This is more than history, this is a guide back to Understanding, Self-discovery and Peace."

~ Sandy Jones, 
May 14, 2016

The Truth

"Everything I have come to believe about God and the nature of reality is in this book. As I read and highlighted, everything resonated with me as True. Additionally, it was clearly expressed."

~ P. Cunningham
August 29, 2017


"This book brought me up-to-date on spiritual developments since 1945, when a document find (called the `Nag Hammadi Library') was discovered. Until now the importance of it was greatly underplayed. Laying dormant, preserved in unadulterated purity for centuries, this treasure's true value lies deep within its unexplored meaning. I was amazed and elevated in reading the hidden meanings contained in Christ's words and teachings interpreted here by Lachlen French. His interpretation is bliss! No wonder it's been #1 on Amazon!"

~ TruthSeeker777
April 23, 2014

Uplifting, Deeply Informative 
and Emotional Presence

"Mr. French is a superlative researcher and writer. Beyond earlier attempts to present the writings of Thomas, the author has not only presented the pieces and fragments in correct orderly fashion, but manages to bring to the teachings both a spiritual and emotional dimension. Not only a superb piece of scholarly work but a truly inspirational rendering that far exceeds the dry but scholarly works that preceded it."

~ Michael Lanier
May 10, 2014

Very interesting.

"Every Christian needs to read this. I always felt like something was missing. Jesus said greater works than these shall ye do. Yet churches and Christians seem to lack something. It's time to learn truth, and drop the man made doctrines designed to control and seperate people. This was what Jesus was teaching and doing when He cleared out the money changers. We've been lied to folks!"

~ Scan
April 19, 2013

A book to live by!

"So enjoyed the realness of this book. It helped me so much to understand the gospels. It is for someone who is an avid reader of the bible because they would truly enjoy it."

~ mania
June 2, 2014

5 out of 5 stars

I have waited years for a book
like this ... years.

BySusan B. Parchmanon October 31, 2017

I have waited for a book like this for years. This book is not only a help but truly a balm to the spirit in these times
of chaos.
My faith had been faltering recently, so when I opened this book to the deep understanding portrayed in these pages, I felt I had FINALLY found answers to my deepest, soul searching questions. I found pragmatic solutions (i.e. divine breathing practices) and really -- I found peace.
Thank you.

Oh Lachlen, I am love, love, LOVING your book. 

It resonates with every fiber of my being.
I am so excited by it, I am on chapter 16 now, and I am just enthralled.  I look forward to opening the book and learning more each day.

 This book may just be the avenue whereby I can finally get rid of all the fear and guilt that I was programmed with, by religions operating in the name of God, but not in his spirit.
How delightful that would be!
It's a LIFE CHANGING book.  I thank you!
Love and hugs! 

Marian May

The author has written a tome that will take you places you have not been!  Go on this journey and find answers to many of your questions, which til now have been unattended.  Focus on a new world.  Get ready to see old words in new lights, and thus breathe in a new way of being
.  C. Ulmont


Intrepid Explorer of Vast Spiritual Territory
(by Barbara Patton Unger

Lachlen French’s writing and his books are vibrant and comprehensive and cover vast spiritual territory. Some of this terrain may be new for the reader, some of it not, as Lachlen covers spiritual technologies and ancient mystical truths that parlay into modern day sensibilities and practice.

I especially enjoy how he talks String Theory, while comprehending and unveiling scientific jargon that dislodge old-fashioned theories of evolution and generally accepted nonsense to present a more updated discourse that merges spirituality and science. His view point comes from years of study, exploration and experiential work.
Lachlen explores vast spiritual territory, and sends back to our civilization his maps, sketches and insights.

Joined with our personal experiences, and our faith and willingness to venture forth, we find our own glorious knowing and freedom.

It is intellectually satisfying to learn more about quantum physics, the Essenes, Gnostics, biblical coded language and The Gospel of Thomas. I draw even more inspiration from his words that “attention equals faith.”

I also feel gratitude and awe as he illuminates God’s nature and our nature, and shares how within the intimacy of our oneness with God, we co-create a life worth living. His  explanation of how the word Breath was translated  erroneously by translators into the Latin word 'Spirit' in the Old and New Testament is jusr astounding; it's an exciting revelation. It transforms so much of what we thought the Bible was saying all this time. 

Breathing God light energy-divine ability is what was shown by believers as mentioned in the book of Acts. For me, the breath of light really is God-breathed
divine ability that belongs to each of us.

I think he covers a wealth of territory in such an engaging fashion, it’s a classroom in and of itself.

Personal Sacred Power....

Growing up, being educated in traditional Christian environments, long ago I fell in love with such inspired scriptures as Jesus'... "the kingdom of God is within you
It seemed so mysterious and thrilling, yet, to be honest, I wasn't quite sure of it's meaning.

My heart yearned to experience a deep awareness. The requirements for living a Christian life were clearly spelled out by these institutions, but my inability to find it, or measure up, made me feel empty and lacking, not powerful.  All my law-keeping, church attendance and good deeds left me searching, and still questioning my own worth as an individual...what OTHER "good works" could I be doing to unlock the beauty and power of these realities within my personal experience?

The answer to these questions is so simple, at first I was skeptical. This book guided me in discovering this power and true identity within myself in my personal experience. The answer is in the transforming power of the 'Haggion Pneuma' as it's said in the original Greek New Testament. In English from the 17th century King James translators, it's called the Holy 'Spirit' (in the 'King James Version' -- a Latin word--not an English one). Yet it should be in its revealed and written in an English word, for our Western cultures, not a Latin one.

In two specific chapters of the new book by Lachlen  French, I found revealed a truth of a lost spiritual teaching for transforming and renewing our lower human nature, unfortunately hidden by churchianity, in lifeless cere- monies and rituals. This teaching was practiced by Jesus
and the Essenes (a Jewish Sect from which he was instructed growing up). He was not a Pharisee or a Sadducee.

This primary teaching holds the power for living the victorious life that he and his apostles all described and promised.  I've been searching my whole life for it, and now I found it, the Original Message.  It was described by Jesus, John the Baptist the Apostle Paul and others, in their enlightened scriptures.

This powerful blessing is so mentally transforming and renewing one feels fresh and new; also our body becomes heated and elevated into new strength and energy. I have experienced the power of this secret teaching in an expanded awareness of who God is, who I am, and how in this life we can actually experience a consciousness as Christ felt, (and live the life he taught and exemplified). By embracing and implementing this powerful love we are practicing the very presence of our "Father in heaven"  each and every moment, and He and his power, are truly in every breath we breathe!

But it's discovered in extraordinary measure in those deep private moments, in interior private experiential reverie.

The power of this spiritual teaching must be experienced and and cannot be denied! One chapter describes the healing heat (or "fire") generated by this sacred discipline and it's practical benefits.

Most profoundly, an overwhelming sense of God's love will flood your heart and consciousness, rendering a once far-off God into a tangible, every where here and now presence. This is understood in Christ's famous line "my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him".

What if you found the power to defeat cancer? What if you found the power to replace depression with thoughts of Divine Mind? What if you found the power to access infinite solutions to everyday problems? And what if you found the power was within you all along, because the divine Father Life is within your being? The expanse of revealed knowledge contained in this new book of his, is comprehensively and thoroughly presented.

You don't have to be a metaphysician, a mystic or scholar, to appreciate the gems of spiritual wisdom contained there. You just need to be open to an expanded understandings of the ancient teachings that preceeded churchianity. You'll finally learn the true story of Christ's real teaching, that for 500 years preceded  churchianity. Yes 500 years.

I recommend this book to anyone who is ready for a mind-renewing, awareness-expanding, life-changing experience with God, and of God.
It is finally personal.

We can now come to understand our relationship to the Divine as the most powerful partnership in our life -- one with us in every breath we breathe.  It's the true partnership. Prepare to be astounded!

–– G. Rankin - Entrepreneur

To beloved friends & family,

My 77th may have been the best b-day ever. I down-loaded this free gift book and spent most of the day studying it. It has lots of answers and explanations that I have searched and researched a lot of my life. This truth will be very helpful in making the longest trip (from head to heart).

What was Christ really teaching that got lost in the "Translation"?

This book is Downloaded (free); Enjoy and forward it, if it hits a beautiful harmonious chord , like it did with me.

All my love and blessings.