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Darwin's Fatal Admission

Just What Do You Do
With Eternity?

Splendorous Light

Including a modern interpretation of
"The Gospel According to Thomas"

The Gospel According to Thomas

Christ's Recorded Sayings of Mastery


The God Experience

Secret of the Ages

 From Spiritual Truth
To Quantum Science

Often, it seems the search for Truth is endless. Some prefer that the word 'facts' be used. Truth has had an up and down relationship in the minds of seekers over the centuries. Why? Truth is that elusive indefinable that we feel we know, when it's found, but it seems to ever recede away from us if we claim it, or use it to control or dominate. As one Master said, 'The Way that can be described, is not The Way'.

So we use Truth here in two ways; first as Accurate True facts being told fairly. The other Truth's an elevated ineffable  other-worldly Essence of knowing and insight; an inner  wisdom that actually transforms our hearts and minds with its fiery presence in us, in our contemplations. This pure essence of supernal Mind we'll also discuss herein.

Sometimes it seems .. Truth has been hidden from us. After we look years for it .. it’s so satisfying to find.

We occasionally discover that some times "good luck" may assist our metaphysical journey.

We find spiritual pursuits benefit by finding the right author or teaching, at the right time or place in a perfect way. We also know being dedicated to the path is crucially important, as well.

We can say right here, right now that we're in such a place in the available knowledge in the world's research in what has finally become available. It takes being interested but you have it here now. Don't let it pass by.  The answers so many have waited for, have arrived.
Quantum Science is "Spiritual"

We realize other topics also help our assimilation of the important matters.  Studies in quantum science, history, religion and philosophy also help immensely in our search for true awareness and truth. Quantum science is that way in particular. Why?

Why is quantum physics said to be so beneficial in grasping the spiritual side of life?

Well as science it precedes all others.  It's sort of the science of God. It  reveals cosmic energies and subatomic entities–in molecules, electrons,protons gluons, quarks and the possible Strings at the lowest Planck level of our universe giving birth to all energies, particles, materials... perhaps all things everywhere including other sciences.  

Quantum science also reveals the inner nature of our human energy  our cells,  our consciousness, even diseases. When using opportunities to discover how & and why our bodies or the cosmos "work" quantum physics is most enlightening.

It's like knowing how God runs the universe. It's quite satisfying to see the inner and underneath of the universe, to explain This and That.

A Spiritual Singularity

Just so, in spirituality, we know that there's one person in history who was unique from everyone at any time, in his Love, Wisdom and in his powerful Teachings.

He stands out as a singular event of such extraordinary proportions at least from the events we learned of him, no one comes close to matching his mark or in changing the world as he did - even if some don't individually believe in his spirituality. His significance is just irrefutable.
The Hebrew name Yeshua, called 'Jesus' in the Roman world 400 years later in their document-publishing; but Yeshua never heard the name Jesus anytime.
Yeshua is like quantum science. He revealed and explained so much it's like we finally got to pull back the curtain on the "wizard of falsehood" and artificial realities.

Christ had power bending ordinary reality- and implementing a higher law performed at will; & he accomplished it, in what seemingly appeared a nonchalant manner... yet consciously purposed and care free.

Even if some claim to own the word Christian, or if they besmirch the message with words or actions, His message and its power cannot be ignored -- as world changing - greater than all other messages in history.
Even though we know stories of Messiahs and Avatars with such ethos, can be amplified by those with a love for the man or the story we also know, most every mythos has it's origins in truth.

When living love, brotherhood and the love of God are pillars on our spiritual path, the sublime is felt within. Those religions seeking control by using domination, ugliness violence and even murder, have 'Ego to feel and know' (the painful human identity). Christ’s true message has been similarly shrowded by Egos over centuries.

Over 2000 years it was hidden under ritual. Christ’s ancient truth "The God Experience" that he meant for all of us to experience, is finally here. It unveils the reason for his...
"The Kingdom of God is within you.”

Into Spiritual Darkness

Did you wonder why his teaching to create men and women of true Power was diluted or covered up? Just why were the Old and New Testaments edited by Roman Mithraites?

We now know the Jewish-Essene Bible –from where OUR Bible springs-- has had ideas deleted and inserted by the Mithraite compilers.  We now have the evidence. The deletions and insertions are very visible; as we have originals that they don't.

Many books have so many differences from the pure original documents it's simply unabashedly shameful. We now get to see the "original" Old Testament and how it was altered.
Why did they do that editing, do you think?

The newest archeology which most still need to hear about and learn reveals all of this. Now we'll find out why.  Now, it can be shown.

Also...why was the most significant, perhaps prevalent Word in the whole Bible never translated into English (even to this day). Yes it's still in that foriegn word, that was inserted into the English Bible. Did you know that That  word changes the whole meaning and message of the Bible?  Hmmm.

Amazing historical Treasure Discovery

Christ’s  secret Essene teaching (the Holy Spirit) is revealed in new books "Christ's Mystic Secret Returns" and "Splendorous Light Within" and  "The Gospel According to Thomas" (newly discovered in desert sand in 1945, after being buried for two millennia) and now newly translated.

It's finally here. It answers why he promised what he promised.

Remember the...

The Dead Sea Scrolls discovered in 1947

Do you recall those spiritual scrolls? What was it all about anyway? What did they finally reveal? Do you remember how everything about them went silent? WHY was that? After all, it's not everyday that we find thousands of scrolls & scroll fragments from Christ's Jewish sect, from 2300 years ago. Why for the silence?


Well, the promise and potential for giving us amazing revelations on the true facts of spiritual history & on Yeshua's  spirituality, are so world-changing we should thank the fates, that such wondrous discoveries were made--in our time no less--in the mid 20th century.

What did they DO with
the Essene Library?
They buried it in red tape.. for almost 50 years. They prevented the masses from knowing any thing about it. They said: "Don't worry about them". Why? Because They were worried.

Here's the reason...

The Essene Library tells a different story than what we've been told for  2000 years about earth's spiritual progress. 500 years of Essene-Christian history (prior to church-ianity) is so new.. fascinatingly different, we now realize that we've simply been handled with 'story-telling'. 

It now feels so wonderful, to know the true facts finally after 20 centuries. It's been said of the Essene Library:
"There's nothing of interest there -- there's nothing meaningful in the Essene Library." 
Truly? How could it be?

This is the material that Yeshua studied growing up, and he quoted it constantly in his preaching to Israel.

So this would mean that 2,300 year-old spiritual scrolls from the Jewish spiritual sect that he was raised in would have nothing of interest for us today?

Why would any scholar say that? 
Could it be fearfulness or apprehen- sion of things being found?  "Nothing of interest" is a pretty shocking claim? 
How could some one even make that assertion before reading or studying them? Why even say that, before decades of research was arduously performed?
So we know the scrolls had aspersions cast on them.

Why? Because once the scrolls gave their true historical gift-- straight from the source -- we'd know the truth -- and then the wizard's curtain would indeed be "pulled back" for us.

Then we'd know just where and how the story got "bent" or where we were misinformed. It is so inspiring now. It is now so personal.

His real truths truly Touch our hearts. Are you ready for the beautiful, amazing truth of it?

It's all about our Oneness with Divine Being - the How To and Why For...  It's so truly satisfying...

It does not get any better than this!

God, Einstein, Existence, Cosmos, Life, Love, You

All those topics we think about as questions of the ages, are truly addressed in one place. We often go to teachers, mentors, ministers, parents or professors to find their answers, and yet, even these folks don't seem to answer them all.

You now have an elegant choice - to find them not only quickly - but right so relax into the enjoyment of it. Coming soon...



Since its translation, the release of the Essene LIBRARY in the mid-90s reveals amazing, even dumbfounding answers. 

Since the Essene Library has ALL the books of the Old Testament in it (as they were in the first original Pure form) we get to see the original versions of each book. The Essenes were actually transcribercopyists of the old testament They were the ones copying it and were sharing it all over the country side.

The answers here are finally seen after 60 years of research. It's unex- pected.

Who would have thought? They reveal the Bible has been revised  to great extent by Mithraites in the early centuries after Christ?? In giving us the books of the original Old Testament - as they were 1000 years before churchi- anity came to fashion them into a book of their own we can now see that alterations were made by Mithraites. The ancient Jewish literature of Moses, Isaiah, David, Job Solomon and all the rest, was reviewed and pored over for a 100 years (and this cache' included the New Testament too). What they did not like, they excised, what they wanted inserted was inserted. We now have the proof.

Because we have the authentic Hebrew versions from hundreds of years earlier and can see plainly what Rome EDITED!

On books such as Isaiah, Samuel I & II, Genesis,  Habbabkuk, and  so many it's amazing, deletions and insertions were instituted by Mithraite scribes in the early centuries. What we read in Isaiah today is not what Isaiah wrote - 20% has been deleted in the Bible.  What he truly wrote is even more wondrous, unedited.

Why was editing done by them? The answers here in the Essene library, also include the origins of Christianity.

We now know the true facts.

The Essene scrolls even refer to an Essene Master who was crucified in that time. Who would that be?
I'm sure you know.

The scrolls now reveal a Jewish sect called Essene (one of the then 3 primary Jewish sects) whose central spiritual community, Qumran, was located 13 miles from Jerusalem at the Dead Sea.

They taught the most alive spiritual principles of oneness with the divine that the Fathers of our Faith--Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Moses, Elijah and now Jesus all adhered to. 
John the Baptist did too; and the baptismal ceremony of John's and Jesus's disciples was the Essene baptism into their spiritual family of the true worshippers of God. The Essene baptism was practiced for 200 years before Christ's birth.

The Essenes called themselves Sons of Zadok -- King David's High Priest. They adhered to daily ecstatic spiritual disciplines of inner communion to experience their personal relation to Divine Being. In this way they could become Teacher Healer, Priest when ever needed. It was this practice along with Love for our fellow man, that Jesus and his message brought out to the public, when he finally introduced the private disciplines of the Essenes, to the wider community of Israel.

The Forebearers of Jesus in

 The Essene Library

The Essene Library also reveals scrolls written 100-200 years before Jesus was born that he quoted when preaching in the four gospels. Interestingly these 'quotations' were always ascribed to him and his authorship.

Because we did not have these scrolls earlier than 1947, we didn't know he was quoting various scrolls that he studied when growing up. We now know Jesus was an Essene Master-Rabbi. This why he is called Rabbi in the New Testament.

Before the 1947 uncovering of the Essene Library in Israel, another ancient amazing Gospel of Christ was unearthed in Nag-Hammadi, not far away, in 1945. Christ's brother 'Didymus Judas Thomas' (one of his disciples and first apostles) is credited  with ...
... The Gospel According to Thomas.

A Gospel Never Put in The Bible

Found with 45 other early Christian documents, it reveals Christ's secret words and teaching of Divine inner Light, to his nearest disciples. It's like listening to him teach around a camp fire. It's what the apostles got to hear in private.

Our books bring out this illuminating instruction. 
Why was it left out by Roman Mithraites

It's carbon-dating is the same age.  NOW we can tell it.

With an assist from quantum physics in the new books it shows that the physical and spiritual cosmos is seen by our deepest scientific minds to unite in a wondrous, mysterious, and beautiful way.

Darwins Fatal Admission shows inexorably that quantum science, disproves Darwin finally, beautifully completely; the evidence of a spiritual reality in the universe all around us & dissolves Darwin's claim of a dead universe, that supposedly began from Nothing.

We now understand how the great Divine story unfolds in a time-less environment of light, depicted in moving light waves - along with sound- waves - that have no mass.

Our Earth's unfolding story within our etheric light-filled cosmos is fully guided; it's over seen in every electron, proton, photon, et. al.  It's all in a Divine Plan of experience.

As Albert Einstein said to us:

"God does not play dice with the universe."

He meant there was consciousness and dominion-purpose behind Everything.

He said on 'Determinism in our cosmos'

"Everything's determined-the beginning as well as the end, by forces over which we have no control. It is determined for the insect as well as for the star.

Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust, we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible player." ----Albert Einstein---

Sir Fred Hoyle, the scientist who coined the phrase, The Big Bang, wrote the book 'The Intelligent Universe' and he's well known for saying ..

'There's a coherent plan in the universe'.

It's mind-stretching conceptual territory. Quantum physics is just that way (giving the unexpected). The way we'd normally guess the way things should work they don't. It's more mysterious than is even imaginable.

We come to realize the entire universe and all 'solid' things are basically empty--in an emptiness of pure light that is inexplicable. To understand it, it's best explained that what we call our cosmos is light 'Images'.

The Bible and Thomas's Gospel told us this for 2000 years already.

Now holographic multidimensional image information is what we see  and know as the matter-energy in the universe. We know it is so unusual sounding, but it's true.. all things are quite empty .. quite etheric.

Scientists have known this over a century. It's just a little troublesome trying to 'explain' it.

At 1918 Nobel Prize winning acceptance speech famed quantum physicist Max Planck said this:

“As a man who's devoted his whole life to the most clear headed science: to the study of matter: I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms this much--there’s no matter as such;  All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force, which brings the particles of an atom to vibration, holding this minute solar system of the atom together.  We must assume behind this force the existence of conscious intelligent mind.

Solidity my friends, is the final concept surrendered. Everything being empty is not obvious but alarming.

Information (in exquisite mathematics) is depicted As Hologram-forms of light As matter.

Did You Ever ask:

What invisible "something" is providing the 'form' to all objects here in the universe?

Pure Light Particles are the Basis, Structure essence, and also surround the 'Geometry' in the cosmos.

Have we ever asked our self, why there's a 3 dimesional Shape to every thing in the cosmos .. when it's made of pure light? 

Why is SHAPE There?

If there is no solidity anywhere, why's there 'Shape'? They frankly cannot explain it.

Yet there's a startling and amazing  explanation.

And there's always Consciousness, Thank You.

Consciousness, the Way all this is known -- is the very Essence of our life, our learning & experiential awareness.  It's the "divine mystery", as scripture calls it.

Discover answers in even greater detail to all these questions and many more.You'll be amazed the information's finally arrived. If you are curious about the beginning of Ego in humanity--if you are a psychologist, MD or just wish to be RID of it, here it is.

If you wanted to be astounded by a most transformative spiritual information that you may ever learn read the chapters. If you want to disprove arguments for Darwinian atheistic evolution, read


If you wondered about the power and purpose of Christ's and Paul's teaching on fate, Destiny, and Divine Predes-tination, read all about it.

If you wondered how science proves God's Existence read those unique chapters. They're undeniable.

If you'd like to know the real history of religion and metaphysics -- not the story that was prescribed to us, read Part I and II there.

If you wish to read that new Gospel According to Thomas (from Christ's brother - hidden in sand nearly 2000-years) seeing the true message  he shared) read happily all about it.

The Gospel According to Thomas

is a modern translation for today's mind .. today's seeker.

If you wanted to Know and feel the secret God Experience that Christ gave to All of us, well.. here are the books. 

Friends, the original Message is back again...finally.Enjoy the depth,  richness. Read these books with someone you love...Share and they will be grateful.